Sarah Marshank: Authenticity and Intuition
Jake Warinner PodcastMarch 07, 202400:55:3650.91 MB

Sarah Marshank: Authenticity and Intuition

Sarah Marshank is the founder of Selfistry, an approach to embodying timeless spiritual principles. Her book Selfistry, outlines this framework. Along with being an author, Sarah leads workshops and retreats, teaches courses, and gives consults.

Sarah Marshank:




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00:00 Introduction and Podcasting Motivation

06:09 Exploring Broad Interests

09:27 Navigating Emotions and Intuition

25:05 Trusting the Natural Order of Things

28:36 Navigating Politics

38:26 Finding Authenticity and Purpose

43:57 Navigating Lyme Disease and Health Challenges

47:24 Divine Halts

50:40 The Power of Isolation and Self-Reflection

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