Joanna Kempner: Psychedelic Outlaws, Psychedelics and Cluster Headache
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Joanna Kempner: Psychedelic Outlaws, Psychedelics and Cluster Headache

Joanna Kempner is a sociology professor at Rutgers University and the author of Psychedelic Outlaws, on psychedelics and cluster headache.

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00:00 - Introduction, Psychedelic Outlaws and Cluster Headaches

00:28 - Overview of the book's main focus and Cluster Busters

00:57 - Discussion on the rarity and severity of cluster headaches

01:32 - Descriptions of the pain and frequency of cluster headaches

02:08 - Comparison to migraines and duration of attacks

02:52 - The nickname "suicide headache" and difficulty in treatment

03:39 - Misdiagnoses often associated with cluster headaches

04:11 - Gender biases and myths surrounding cluster headaches

05:09 - Historical context and gender biases in headache medicine

06:25 - Joanna's initial discovery of gender bias in cluster headaches

07:14 - Personal research and early publications on cluster headaches

07:42 - Misconceptions about the appearance of cluster headache sufferers

08:27 - Cluster headache triggers and hypotheses about its causes

09:42 - Lack of research and funding for cluster headaches

10:58 - Private funding and advocacy for migraine and headache research

11:39 - The societal impact and lack of attention to migraine and headaches

13:07 - Cluster Busters' role in developing innovative therapies

13:20 - Discussion of current treatments for cluster headaches

14:42 - Oxygen therapy and challenges in getting prescriptions

15:47 - Psychedelics as a treatment for cluster headaches

16:04 - Method of using psilocybin for cluster headache attacks

17:04 - Protocol development by Cluster Busters for preventing cycles

17:57 - Recommended dosing and safety measures for using psychedelics

19:00 - The collective self-experimentation process

19:13 - Origin of the use of psychedelics for cluster headaches

21:07 - Flash's discovery of LSD and its effects on cluster headaches

24:59 - Similarity of current protocols to initial experiments

26:37 - Practical reasons for using psilocybin over LSD

28:42 - Legal risks associated with using psychedelics

30:17 - Discussion on the classification of psychedelics as Schedule 1

31:54 - Potential changes in policy regarding psychedelics

32:36 - Obstacles in psychedelic research due

35:26 - Difficulty in recruiting for clinical trials and funding issues

36:01 - Challenges of placebo control in psychedelic studies

37:56 - Historical context of regulatory barriers in drug research

38:57 - Unique challenges in studying psychedelics for pain treatment

40:53 - Description of recent studies on psychedelics for cluster headaches

43:10 - Flash's story and the early days of Cluster Busters

44:27 - Results of recent study on psychedelics for cluster headaches

45:56 - Recruitment challenges and the impact of the pandemic

47:42 - Brain mechanisms and the hypothalamus in cluster headaches

49:25 - Future of psychedelic research in headache medicine

51:39 - Closing