Rob Harper: Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness
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Rob Harper: Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness

Rob Harper is a Filmmaker, Body Psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner. He is the Producer/Director/Screenwriter of 'Journeys to the Edge of Consciousness' (2019) a part-animated feature documentary about three psychedelic trips that changed the world forever. Rob is a graduate of the National Film and Television School and has filmed for many of the major UK broadcasters, as well as teaching and mentoring young filmmakers at an undergraduate level. He is the founder of Hidden Depths Productions, a company dedicated to producing thought provoking films for broad audiences on complex topics of urgent human interest. He has undertaken a shamanic apprenticeship in the lineage of the Mother Goddess, and completed a six-year Body Psychotherapy training. He now works in private practice, with a particular focus on supporting men in their journeys towards healing and wholeness.

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00:00 Motivation to Make the Film

02:48 The Importance of Storytelling in Documentaries

06:13 The Process of Making a Film

09:21 Choosing Material for the Film

12:28 Working with Voice Actors

19:28 The First Story of Timothy Leary

23:43 Controversy Around Timothy Leary

30:12 Communicating the Psychedelic Experience

30:25 Exploring the Writings of Leary, Huxley, and Watts

32:37 The Impact of Psychedelic Controversy

33:38 Lost Research Opportunities

36:39 The Control and Suppression of Psychedelic Use

40:26 Mystical Experience and Power Structures

44:02 The Importance of Reconnecting with the Spiritual Life

48:11 Selecting Interviewees and Structuring Questions

54:34 Future Projects on Shamanism and Body Psychotherapy

57:41 How to Get in Touch with the Film

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