Richard Petty: Psychology of Persuasion
Jake Warinner PodcastMarch 06, 202400:53:2048.83 MB

Richard Petty: Psychology of Persuasion

Richard Petty is a researcher and professor of Psychology at Ohio State University. His work focuses on belief, attitudes, persuasion, and their influence on behavior.

Dr. Petty's Research:


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00:00 Introduction and Background

09:43 The Power of Fear and Anger in Persuasion

13:36 Hitler's Persuasion Techniques

17:03 The Elaboration Likelihood Model

19:04 The Influence of Online Algorithms

22:23 The Potential of AI in Persuasion and Critical Thinking

27:22 Peripheral and Central Routes to Persuasion

32:45 The Relationship Between Uncertainty and Extremism

39:24 The Impact of Social Media on Persuasion

41:43 Navigating the Information Landscape

42:30 The Influence of Doubt and Faith

47:11 Changing Strong Attitudes

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